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Lucknow Passport Office

Passport Office Lucknow

The Lucknow Passport Office was established in 1956 and situated at Nav Chetna Kendra, 10, Ashok Marg, Lucknow-226018.The Lucknow transport office deal 48 districts and provide the passport to the people. The regional office lives more than 1.5 lac passport per year.

Facilities of Lucknow passport office

How to apply online for passport

you can apply online for passport, Open the home website of Lucknow passport office and submit the form. After submitting the u will take time and date for appointment and than you can register your passport.

Here are the details of staff of Lucknow passport office

Name of Officer
Officer Designation
Shri Zahur H. Zaidi Regional Passport Officer
Shri M. Kujur Deputy Passport Officer
Shri B. B. Dwevedi Superintendent
Shri S. S. Mishra Superintendent
Shri Sushil Bhalla Superintendent
Shri Sharad Kumar Superintendent
Shri M. P. Jaiswal Superintendent
Shri M. L. Rawat Superintendent
Shri Samual Kujur Superintendent
Smt. Urmila Singh Superintendent

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